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We all want to be better immediately, but that’s just not possible. What is possible is that if you practice correctly and do your homework, you can quickly own a swing to be proud of and be well on your way to hitting controlled, powerful shots. However, that’s not all there is to golf. You must have a good short game. If you work on your short game, you will continually improve your ability to get the ball in the hole. Of course, as with anything, how fast you improve depends upon the quality and frequency of your practice. Here are a few rules which you would do well to follow.

Rule 1 – Be nice to yourself. Be your own best friend.

Talk to yourself in a nurturing, helpful, positive way. Have you ever called yourself stupid for hitting a bad shot? Don’t. Maintain your self esteem and your sense of humor. It is just a game isn’t it?

Rule 2 – If you want to improve your swing, slow down and forget about contact.

If you want to improve your swing, concentrate on your swing, not contact. If you attempt to focus on both swing and contact at the same time, you will get neither, and that’s no fun. Practice your swing and make sure it is correct. You will have to slow way down to make a good swing, and that’s OK. Your brain will learn whatever you teach it, whether you go fast or slow. So if you want to learn the correct swing, practice slowly and perfectly, and gradually add speed later. Contact is easy. When your swing is ready, contact will be a matter of simple adjustment. If the swing is not there first, contact could be a real problem.

Rule 3 – Remove the word “bad” from your vocabulary.

Once you are ready to start hitting balls, watch your shots closely until the ball stops rolling. Become very interested in where the ball goes, but do not judge undesirable results as bad. There is no failure, only feedback. You swing, the ball goes somewhere, you say “Hmm, interesting,” and you try again. For instance, if you make a swing and determine that you made a club path error, instantly forget the shot, and take a couple of practice swings with the perfect club path to remind yourself of what you wanted to do.

Immediately replace an errant swing with the right swing and tell yourself “That’s the swing!” You need to enjoy your good shots. Get psyched about them.

That which you give more attention to becomes more strongly imprinted in your mind, so store only the results you want to repeat. It doesn’t mean you have to celebrate with champagne every time you hit a good shot, but most certainly you should give yourself a big smile and congratulate yourself! Don’t just assume that you should hit them all that way.

Golf is a game, and games are for fun. Right? So have fun. Have fun learning and experimenting with all the facets of the game. Have fun making mistakes. Mistakes are good because they point out weaknesses in your game which, when improved, will make you a better golfer. Walk whenever you can and have fun getting exercise among the beautiful scenery. Always keep these rules in mind. Your positive golf mentality and energy will help your golf swing development dramatically.

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