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Have you ever wondered how some business owners are busy all the time and have a steady stream of clients and others don’t? Maybe you’ve even compared yourself to other businesses and thought, “How come they are getting all the new business and I’m not?”

The answer is simpler than you think.

If you want to have a full practice and a steady stream of clients regardless of the economic climate, then you have to market your business consistently. This means, continuing to market your services even when you aren’t taking on any clients. By doing so, there will be no “economic crisis” for you, because the fact is people are still spending money. They are just more selective and cautious about how they spend it. But they are absolutely looking for solutions to their problems, the solutions that you already have readily available.

Marketing your business consistently helps you achieve many things at once:

Keeping the sales funnel “full”: Prospective clients might have to go on a waiting list, but keeping a steady stream of potential clients helps to ensure you’re never “desperate” for new business. Even if something unexpected comes up, you have a reserve to tap into to find more work and earn more money.
Meet prospects where they are: I’ve talked before about the importance of having different packages and programs available for your prospective clients to choose from. You should have options that fit their needs, not one “all or nothing” service. Having various options available, such as a group program or self-study training course, allows you to serve your ideal clients whether or not they work with you privately and develop multiple streams of revenue. Then, when you do have space available to take on new private clients, you have a group of folks you can invite to apply who are already familiar with your services and have benefited from your work.
Staying top of mind: Even though a prospective client might not need you now, they might need you in a week, a month or a year from now. By “reminding” them of your business and your services, you are staying on top of their mind so when they do need you, you are the first and only one they call. You’ll also be the one they refer to friends and family if they mention they need your services.
Ongoing market research: By keeping a pulse on what’s going on with your target audience, you’ll always be “in the know” about their current challenges and needs. This puts you in prime position to offer the services they need, exactly when they need it. You’ll be their hero because you will be able to solve their problem quickly and efficiently.
Creating a “go to” list: it’s happened to all of us at one time or another – you need more revenue ASAP. Keeping up your marketing efforts helps you to create a list of warm and hot leads to call if you need to make additional income. You can even create a special promotion for these clients to help close the sale immediately.

As you can see, your daily/weekly/monthly marketing efforts should not be taken lightly. Don’t think of marketing as a temporary event when you need more clients, think of it as an investment in your future. Planting the marketing seeds now ensures your business will be in full bloom all the time…not just when you “spring” into action.

Sydni Craig-Hart liberates Executive Assistants from the corporate world by showing them how to become savvy, self-employed Virtual Assistants. Her company, EAtoVA.com gives Executive Assistants the support, tools and information they need to successfully transition into a profitable career in Virtual Assistance.

She is also the co-founder of Craig Hart Consulting, LLC, a full-service marketing coaching and consulting firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs boost their revenue, maximize their Internet presence and run productive, efficient businesses.

Because of her extraordinary work as the founder of EAtoVA.com and co-founder of Craig Hart Consulting, she was nominated for the AssistU Virtual Assistant of the Year award in 2008.

For Sydni’s FR*EE special report, “The Liberated Executive Assistant: How to Break Free From the Corporate Grind and Become Your Own Boss” visit www.EAtoVA.com.

In this report you will find out everything you need to know about the Virtual Assistance industry, what steps you need to take to get started and run your own successful Virtual Assistance business.

You’ll also receive a FR*EE subscription to her bi-weekly newsletter, “EA to VA Insights” and can request your FR*EE “Get Ideal Clients NOW!” Tool Kit

Sydni enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, wine-tasting, and anything spa related. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she currently lives in Emeryville, CA with her amazing husband and business partner, Wil Hart.

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