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Striking chip shots well is vital if you want to save shots around the green. And a good strike requires an accelerating clubhead with no quitting on the shot at impact.


Cleveland CG15 Black Pearl Wedge  features a traditional player shaped wedge designed with a precision Laser Milled face texture to maximize surface roughness and spin. Coupled with the Zip Grooves the CG15 has the best and most effective spin technology ever developed byCleveland Golf.


Sometimes the shot you face is only a short distance and often a golfer faced with a delicate shot like this, makes a backswing that is too long, effectively building up too much power. The only option for a swing like this is to decelerate through the ball. And that can lead to a fluffed shot.


The Callaway X Series JAWS Chrome offers you the short game that you have been looking for. Maximum Spin and the ability to create shots that you didn’t think were possible. Looking for Tour Level Feel? Look no further. Available in Steel or Graphite.

1. Aggressively-sized Mack Daddy Grooves are designed at the maximum conforming depth and width for shot-stopping spin

2. C-Grind sole relieves the heel, toe and trailing edge, resulting in a ‘C’ shape on the sole

3. This improves turf interaction and enables golfers to lay the face open while keeping the leading edge down

4. Forged 1020 carbon steel provides better feel and feedback around the greens


On those delicate shots from the fringe or rough, address the ball towards the toe of the club and then concentrate on hitting it out of the toe of the club. Cleveland CG F1 Wedge  will drastically reduce the power of the shot letting you continue to accelerate at impact without fear of the ball rolling to far past the hole.


To find out the difference between a strike out of the sweet spot and one out of toe, find a chipping green, hit three shots with each method and soon you will get an understanding for the difference in feel and distance.

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