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The first place to look when you want to cure a slice is at your fundamentals. These include your

1) posture 2) alignment 3) grip 4) set up

1)  PostureIf your posture is too bent over or stooped the only way you can take the club back is to pick it up..which will promote a steep up and down swing. You need to stand taller with good posture and make sure that your chin is up off your chest and you are looking down the bridge of your nose at the ball. Make your spine angle straighter, less stooped or bent, and you will give yourself the room to swing the club, not just up and down but around as well. This will promote a flatter shoulder turn and a powerful draw.

2)  Be ruthless with your alignment.Sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us and sometimes we get into lazy, comfortable but sloppy habits. To make sure this does not happen lay 2 clubs on the ground..1 along your toe line and one in front of the ball pointing to the target. The 2 clubs should be parallel..if not then you could well be standing open which will promote a slice swing.

3)  GripA good swing grip starts with a good grip and a grip which does not allow you to release the club properly through impact will leave you holding the club open through the strike. This will promote a slice as a consequence.

4)  Set upTo promote a proper in to out swing you must set up with your right side lower than your left. How do you do this? Simply by tilting your spine to the right at set up. This will have the effect of lowering your right shoulder and getting a little more weight into your right side. This is important for a proper transfer of your weight in the swing.

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