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Walking into a weight room for the first time can be a pretty intimidating experience, especially if you’ve never touched a weight before and are starting entirely from the beginning. However, each weight room can be broken down into essentially four easy-to-understand categories that will make it easier to approach: free weights, barbells, cables, and machines.

Free weights

Otherwise known as dumbbells, the free weight area of the gym is a great place to begin your workout. Dumbbells are great for biceps and triceps workouts, as well as shoulder exercises. And, if you’re not yet ready to tackle things like the flat bench-press in the barbell area of the gym, it’s a great place to do dumbbell chest exercises as well. Free weights are a great introduction to the weight room and weightlifting.


This area of the gym is a little more demanding than the free weight area, featuring things like the overhead press, squat rack, and several types of bench-press. This is a great area for big strength gains. Squats provide a great full-body strength gain (with a focus on the legs) and squat racks are there for your safety. Bench-presses are another great way to build strength, and overhead presses are a hallmark of the weightlifting world.


The cable area of the gym is easily identifiable, as it will feature a long bar between two sets of cable machines. This bar is your central location for narrow and wide-grip pull-ups; the cable machine is great for exercises that require “pushing” weight toward the floor, as well as back exercises.


Machines provide a safe alternative to free weight and barbell exercises, as each motion is controlled and exact, without room for error. Weight can be adjusted and a spotter is far less important for these exercises.

Gyms in Belfast are only intimidating if you’re not prepared for what you’ll see the moment you walk in the door. Using this guide, you’ll have a much better understanding of what awaits you in the weight room and where each area excels in giving you the best, most well rounded workout.


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