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The most common desire among golfers is to hit their driver straighter. Driving is not only great for show, but when you hit your driver well it makes every following shot easier. When you’ve learned how to hit a driver straight you’ll also find that the game gets even funner to play!

Hit Driver Straighter – Tip 1

Determine the cause of your problem. If the ball is going right, is it slicing or just going directly right? Same question if it’s going left. Is the ball going high and then turning or does it stay low and bend fast. Why is it doing what it’s doing? You must find this out. Ask your friends’ opinions and ask better golfer’s opinions, don’t be ashamed to ask, slices and hooks are the most common problems in golf.

Hit Driver Straighter – Tip 2
Start with adjusting your grip. The way you grip the golf club has more effect on ball flight direction than any other single factor. Your hands are the only point of physical contact with the golf club. Many slices and hooks can be fixed simply by finding the right grip. This is usually achieved by trial and error because the golf grip is very individualistic. Everyone’s ideal grip is a little different. Experiment with many grips until you find the best one for you.
Typically, if you hit your driver to the right you want to loosen your grip and rotate both hands of your grip clockwise on the club. This encourages the club face to open earlier in the downswing. Conversely, if you hit your driver to the left than you could try gripping the club a little tighter and rotating your grip counter-clockwise, thus delaying the closing of the club face.

Hit Driver Straighter – Tip 3
Check your shoulder alignment at address. Your feet and knees may be lined up parallel to the target line, but check your shoulders. Some golfers actually have their shoulders lined up way to the left which causes your golf swing plane to come across the ball and make it slice.

Hit Driver Straighter – Tip 4
Analyze your swing arc. If you lift the golf club too high in the air in your backswing you’ll probably have a swing plane that is too steep, which often causes big banana slices. Swinging too horizontal can cause big problems too, but it’s not as common.

Hit Driver Straighter – Tip 5
Don’t slow down your swing. Most golfers don’t swing too hard, but they slow their swing down because they’re afraid of making their slice or hook worse by hitting it harder. You may hit the ball slightly straighter this way, but it won’t really solve your problem. And even if it does you may find yourself with the next most common problem… how to hit your driver farther….

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