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Pendulum and pivot are two effective schools of thought when it comes to the best putting stroke. If you want to lower your golf score, read on.

The most popular method of putting these days is the pendulum stroke. By bending over the golf ball and keeping the arms straight, you use a pendulum type swing by using your shoulders. This method can be easily practiced at home. You can stand over a grout line in your tile and practice the pendulum motion by watching the head of the putter to assure that it stays in that straight line. Another way to go about practicing would be to put a piece of tape on the carpet or wherever you want to practice and follow the same procedure. Using a low tack (blue masking) tape would be a good idea unless you want your head torn off by your significant other (trust me on this one).

A less popular but extremely effective manner of performing a good putting stroke is to use a swing or pivot stroke. While this is harder to master, those who take the time to do so are deadly on the putting green. To use this effectively, bend slightly at the waist, keeping your arms straight and without using the shoulders, rotate your torso. This is not much different than a normal swing for an iron shot except there is no back swing. As you turn your body the putter face opens like it does in an iron swing and then closes as you turn back towards the ball. It takes practice to hit the ball square with this method but it has fewer moving parts and is more repeatable if you commit to learning it.

Only you can decide what works best for you. As I said earlier, many players have used both types of putting stroke effectively. Users of long putters may find that the pivot method works even better than the pendulum.

If your golf game requires more training to improve your putting, this is a great source of information.

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