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Do you want to win in any sports? To do this, you must be prepared to make sacrifices. The extent of these sacrifices is entirely down to how successful they want to be.

You know only too well the amount of time a professional golfer will spend practising every shot in his repertoire, to improve even the slightest margin which can give him a winning edge.

“Yes but they are professionals, I only play at the most twice a week, if I am lucky, and I cannot afford the time to spend hours practising.” I can hear you say.

Well yes, that may be true. But I am positive that, when you do play you want to be a winner.

Learning the correct golf swing is vital for any golfer, amateur or professional. If you are not making the perfect contact with the ball then there is no possibility that your drive will land anywhere near your planned drop zone. This is not a winners start to a game.

To start off with a perfect swing is so important for confidence building throughout the game. This is where commitment and sacrifice comes into play.

The place to start for obtaining the correct swing is yourself. You must begin to check every detail about your preparation, your setting up, how you address the ball, your grip, do you hold the club too tight, or too loose, is your downswing keeping on the same track as you made with your upward swing. Are you in the correct stance, strong and flexible. Is your head and shoulders keeping the exact line over the ball. Are your knees bent to the exact degree that is required to keep you flexible for your swing.

Are you totally focused on the point of impact on the ball. Is your spine straight as you make your swing. Have you a mental picture of where you want the ball to land. These are just a few of the vital components required if you are to learn the correct golf swing.

For you to develop this perfect swing takes time and practice, not to mention high cost. The high cost is down to you hiring a golf coach, who will keep you coming back, week after week telling you to change this, correct that and so on while all the time the cost rises dramatically.

The most efficient way is through purchasing an E video which you can study at your leisure in your home, or away. It is there all the time for you and you can keep rerunning it to make sure you are learning the correct golf swing, and furthermore you can be certain it is made by a professional golfer who has gone through all the procedures and techniques which made him a professional.

Learning the correct golf swing is vital if you want to reduce your handicap. If you develop the swing as it should be, then you will be hitting the ball at least an extra twenty or thirty yards further and more accurately, which naturally puts you on the green with less shots taken, which in turn puts you in for birdies and pars instead of pars and bogies.

This my friend in golf is the natural progression from learning the correct golf swing. Without this asset to your game you will stay in the high handicap zone with very little chance of becoming a WINNER.

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