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So, are you into softball? Then you know pretty well that like some other aspects of the play, proper softball pitching is very essential. It will determine whether you have the winning chance or not. I assure you that you have made the right click. Giving attention to the following reminders help you understand better some essential factors to good pitching.

As a pitcher, see to it that you maintain accuracy in pitching. The secret lies not in how you actually throw the ball but how you prepare to do it. Preparation holds the key to great pitching. As part of preparation take note on how you control your body. Doing this greatly enhances your pitching performance.

In the matter of body weight distribution, see how you position your feet while you prepare to throw the ball and during the release of the ball. Are your feet wide enough more than what is necessary? This affects your movement. If they’re too close with each other, that kind of position will not serve you better either. During the practice session determine the right position of your feet that allows good body distribution for effective pitching. This is very important because during the actual play, the pitcher is only aware of the way he releases the ball. Balanced body position means better pitching. Achieve that good pitching stance during the preparation stage.

Don’t ignore the correct ball grip. Hold the ball with your fingers, not covered by your palm. Three to four fingers hold the ball. The amount grip pressure makes a difference also. Hold it firmly but not tightly. If you’re still young, three fingers won’t do the job well for you. Use your four fingers with the right distance from one another. Holding the ball correctly ensures good release. So practice the right grip. It’s for your advantage if you discover also what works best for you.

Another essential to better softball pitching is by adapting the ball rise according to the ball hitter. This means if the hitter is small, throw the ball reasonably higher. For tall hitters, don’t give them the chance of powerful hit by releasing the ball lower. Try this and your teammates will like you even better.

Don’t forget the need for perseverance. If you didn’t make it after some practice, don’t lose hope. That will urge you even more to give your best the next time. Strive to be a good pitcher by doing the essentials to softball pitching. With constant application of these you will eventually have the taste of sweet victory because you worked for it. There’s no short cut to winning, all you need is a working knowledge about the game, application of this knowledge, and of course, dedication and commitment. Softball pitching need not be complicated; just cooperate with the coach. He knows better than you do. So learn from him. He’s there to help you win the game. Your coach is the best person to decide what works best for every player no matter what your part of the game is. Give him chance to perform his job.

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