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It is very necessary for you to get golf lessons if you are an amateur. You need to firstly learn the basics as any other game. As the basics are the basis for further proceed to the essentials of the game. And if the basics are not cleared, than you can’t move further.The basics come at the beginning stage.It’s a stable progressed way to learn the basics than move towards the essentials. (Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Kombi Left Putter) Of course, it is effective to hire some golf coach than learn basics by yourself as you lack of experience afterall.

Many amateur may take the wrong perceptions that golf is an effort-less, simple and elegant game. Yet,as you started to learn it seriously,it really requires you to put in hard work and efforts. Surely, the first thing you do is making up mind to get hold of it other than be afraid.Exercise is also necessary to strengthen various muscles in the body. There are many muscles work out programs available in the market and if you have a coach, than better get instructions from him or her.

Putting is must for the amateurs to take a start in the game. So begin with learning the putting is a significant step,which helps you build stamina for holding club and performing the swing. (MIZUNO JPX E600 Iron Set) Then your skills will start building soon by means of putting. Get putting instructions on how to put from various videos and Golf channels. It will get easier for you to learn other shots when you get the total hold of the putting.

Chipping is the next to grab, which is similar to putting but there is only a little difference. Get instructions from your coach or some tutorial. After practicing it, move further in your game. (Ping Rapture V2 Fairway Wood) In addition, there are some important aspects to adjust in your game that you must get into account before playing other shots such as: Grip, Stance and Posture, Swing path, Hip Turns, Alignment, Head and Eye position, Feet distance, Shoulders placement.

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