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As people age, it becomes more and more challenging to live alone. Challenge or not, many seniors are unwilling to give up their independence and they decide to go on living at home. Some may choose to move in with relatives instead of living in a senior center or an assisted living community. This way they have company and someone with them in case of an emergency, but they maintain their independence and live happily. If you have a relative who will be moving in with you or you need to ensure the home of a senior relative is safe, there are some important issues to address. Begin with making sure any electric renovations are taken care of professionally. Electric wiring can help homeowners upgrade to safer options, which not only makes the home safer for seniors, but safer for everyone living in the space.

Be sure all of the appliances in the home are working well. Seniors are more likely to stay home and take care of tasks like cooking and entertaining themselves, so you need to be sure everything is in good order. If you have been putting offer repairs because you dine out so frequently or because the dry cleaner handles your laundry issues, now is the time to get things fixed. Your senior relatives are going to be using these appliances and in order to be safe and effective; they need to be in good repair.

As people age, it can become more and more challenging to navigate areas of the house like the bathroom. There are a number of options for making the bathroom safer and more comfortable for those who would otherwise be at risk in the shower or getting into and out of the bathtub. Some changes are as simple as installing bars that allow bathers to maintain balance in a slippery area. More advanced options offer lifts that can mechanically transport people into the tub with ease.

The bathroom may not be the only place seniors will have trouble getting around. If you live in a home with more than one floor, residents are going to have to climb stairs. This can be difficult and dangerous for seniors who have trouble moving. Chair lifts can be installed on your staircase to transport seniors up and down safely. If you want to make a major long-term renovation, you can have an elevator installed in the home. This is a pricey commitment, but if you want to make it really easy for seniors to get around indoors, this may be the right solution for you.

Your final upgrade to ensure safe living for seniors is to create an emergency alert system. If you will be living with your senior loved one, this may be something as simple as a whistle or intercom system. The point of having your senior relative move in is so you are just a few steps away in case of an emergency. If your loved one chooses to stay in their own home, emergency services can be set up that will alert an ambulance should there be an emergency. This helps keep your senior safe and ensures they will not be left injured for long periods of time should they fall or experience pain.

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