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Setting up your tent can be a hassle, especially if you are tired from traveling to the campsite. If you don’t know everything about camping, the tent can be the most confusing part of the whole trip. Even when you are an experience camper, a new tent can get the best of you. Following these tips for setting up your tent will make the process go smoothly.

The biggest tip for setting up your tent is to read the instructions and take them with you. While you do not need to be a rocket scientist to pitch a tent, some tents are intricate and require care when being set up. The instructions will faithfully help you keep your tent in good condition and set it up in a short time. You never know what sort of trouble you will run into, and the instruction book will most likely tell you how to work around it.

One of the most important parts of setting up a tent is the location. Look for a space big enough for your tent that is relatively clear of rocks and branches. Don’t set up your tent in a shallow indentation, rain water might collect and seep through the tent. Look into getting a ground cloth to lay down before setting up your tent. A ground cloth will protect the bottom of your tent from getting beat up.

A common mistake for beginning campers is to drive the stakes last. When setting up your tent, it is often easier to drive the stakes before erecting the poles. However, don’t drive the stakes in all the way, once the tent is set up, you’ll want to pull the tent as taut as possible and then drive the stakes in completely. When you are finished setting up your tent, the tent will feel bigger if you’ve pulled it taut.

The little things make all the difference. Don’t forget to make sure your tent entrance is facing the direction you need it to, and that your designated cooking area is a good distance from where you are setting up your tent. Make sure the rain-fly is on straight, and pulled tight as well. Rain is the last thing you want in your tent on a camping trip! With all of this in mind, setting up your tent should be a breeze.

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