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Mastering your chipping game is key to saving holes and improving your golf score. A great chip sets up a great putt to finish off a hole, while a poor chip may leave you worse off than you were before. Still, it’s often overlooked and under practiced. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to see some easy improvements. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you chip.

Take your time as you approach your chip. Golf is not a game of speed, so use all the time you need to make each shot count! The chip shot can be a variety of distances and with various lies, so each shot is a little different. Think about how much loft you want to put the ball and where on the green you want to place it. Take a few practice swings as you envision hitting the ball perfectly.

Approach the shot comfortably and confidently. Your attitude really does affect how you play, as being uncomfortable can make your swing stiff. As you prepare to hit, make sure your body is aligned with the line you want to hit the ball and that your feet are squared with the ball. Move into your backswing slowly and smoothly to deliver a consistent swing. Focus on making your actually swing just like your practice swings were as you continue to envision how you want to hit the ball. Even though you will only pull the club back a fraction of the way you would normally pull it back during a full swing, make sure it is not jerky. Quick changes in tempo will lead to off balance and inconsistent shots. Finally, remember to swing through the ball smoothly.

These are all simple strategies that are often overlooked. They can really help mold a better swing and more consistent results. Keep these tips in mind and you will quickly see improvement to this part of your game.

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