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We always want the best for our baby. Your main goal is to give him the tender loving care that he needs. But sometimes you tend to be so frustrated especially when you are so tired and you want to rest but the baby won’t let you. Putting baby to sleep is one of the major problems that every parent encounters.

We are definitely in agreement when I state that being a parent is not easy, likewise being a mother. From the very beginning, you carry the baby in your womb for nine months and that can be a trying and crucial time, and when you gave birth you thought that all of it will finally end there, the sufferings and the sleepless nights. Truly the lack of sleep will not end there…it will just begin there.

If you observe it carefully, babies tend to have longer sleeps during daytime and awake during nighttime. And the worst part is sometimes they cry so loud and that cry seems to be so endless before they finally fall asleep. These situations cause headaches and heartaches to the parents especially when they are tired after the whole day and they just want to rest at night. These situations can be changed. Here are helpful ways on putting baby to sleep:

Create a routine. Create a sleep pattern for baby. Do some activities that can eventually signal him that it is already time to sleep. These activities can include a warm and relaxing bath, changing of clean clothes, reading some good books or maybe singing some lullabies.

Decide for a perfect bedtime. No matter what happen, you should learn to stick on the routine or the schedule that you have created. This way, your baby’s body will be adjusted and will be used to this. As much as possible, the time for baby’s bedtime should be the same every day.

Keep baby’s room and bedding clean. It will be much comfortable with your baby if he sleeps in a clean room and bedding. This will help so that baby’s sleep will be a lot more peaceful. You should also avoid making too much noise while your baby is sleeping. Don’t allow the room to be too crowded. Let baby sleep.

Buy a baby night lamp. This is important for the first few months of your baby. Don’t interrupt the sleep of your baby and make sure that the lighting is always low.

Pay full attention to his attitude and behavior. Even if your baby doesn’t talk he will surely let you know what he feels through his signals. So it is very important for you to understand his signals.

Be patient. Being frustrated cannot help you in putting baby to sleep. This will not do you and your baby any good. Try to be calm especially if your baby is crying out really loud. You can try many ways to pacify him and avoid being frustrated, because these things are just normal for babies. Let him cry and try to calm him. If he can learn to be calm then he will eventually fall asleep.

Kayla Donohue is a Mom and author. Visit Helping Baby Sleep, where she supports and helps promote information for parents to get more expert tips and helpful advice on putting baby to sleep