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Reading greens is one of the most important factor in becoming a great putter. However, there are some tips that needed to be understood before you can master your reading art. A number of factors will influence the way your ball react on the putting green that you need to know about.


It is important to note that if you ever want to be considered a great putter, then developing your skills in reading putting greens is an essential part of the process.


To achieve the perfect putt (i.e. the one that finds the bottom of the cup) you need to accurately judge the right pace that you need to hit the putt and then send it off in the right direction.


Important golf putting tips to accurately reading greens:

1. More Momentum equals Less Break – the more momentum that the ball has the less break it will take, so it is only when the ball starts to slow down that the laws of gravity will take over and force the ball along the natural down slope of the green.


2. Focus your attention around the cup – as the ball will be slowing down as it approaches the cup it is important to focus your attention on the potential slopes around this area.


3. Down Hill Putts – probably the toughest putts to read as the initial momentum required is less so the golf ball will be looking for the natural slope of the green sooner and you will need to allow for more break in these putts.


4. Up Hill Putts – the easiest putts to read as the initial momentum required will be greater so you will only need to allow for the break as the ball dies near the hole.


5. Side Hill Putts – all side hill putts will be uphill initially, so it is important to focus on the last stages of the putt to accurately judge the correct line to hit it on.


Although reading putting greens is a vital part of improving your overall putting performance, it is also essential to develop a consistent and reliable golf putting technique.


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