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Like you, I’m a ‘Senior Internet Newbie’. I’ve joined the group that’s proud to say, “I have a computer now!” Taking the first steps in learning to make use of the thing has been an adventure. I’m almost ready to say, “I love it!”

Of course I’ve made dumb mistakes, and still do, but it’s alright. My computer is everlastingly patient. We have become buddies.

Once I decided to tackle money-making on the internet things became more complicated. Right away I encountered an unexpected pothole on the road to internet money making. It’s such an easy thing that you don’t recognize it at once as a pothole.Well, there it is waiting to trap you.

I needed a “username” and a “password.” Username? I soon found out that my just plain name wouldn’t do. My email address was acceptable in some cases. . And I was proud of having one of those. Sometimes, though I had to dream up a different name. Okay, I chuckled and came up with some good ones.

Password? Sure, I could manage that too. I was originality and creativity personified! There! I entered the password after the username, clicked “submit” and was accepted!

Being an experienced senior I put the information on a file card – yes, seniors still use those! – in that little metal box I’ve saved from past efficient days. It would be easy to find whenever I needed it again. And it was; there was no problem at all until I began adding to my collection of passwords. Since they were often needed, I fished the cards out of the box , alphabetized and held them together with a rubber band. Handy, eh? It was, until the pack of cards got buried somewhere in the accumulating mountain of pages filled with information I absolutely needed to know once I got around to reading it. Or the times when the card I needed had got separated from the others…somewhere.

Obviously our efficient younger friends have handy devices that obviate the need to excavate through piles of paper to locate a username and password. They never have to click the handy tool usually offered: “Forgot Your Password?”

Meanwhile, here’s a tip for other senior citizens exploring the internet and trying to make money. Save time and frustration! Forget your old time methods! Make use of your new friend, the computer, to set up a file labeled “Passwords.” It will be your very own automatic, time-saving Rolodex. And this will take care of that pothole!

© 2009 Esther E. Hansen