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Putting can make or break a golfer’s game. You may have the longest drive, the most accurate pitch or the ability to recover from a bunker and set your ball firmly on the green but screw up your putting and all that effort will be for nothing. It is essential that you master this part of your game to ensure you can finish off quickly, cleanly and efficiently. So, to help you along the way here are some top putting tips.

1) As you will know, the key to any good putting stroke will be preceded by a couple of practice strokes. This gets your ‘muscle memory’ working and lets you move fluidly into the actual putting stroke. One major cause of difficulty is waiting too long between your practice stroke and your actual stroke. By all means take a few seconds between the two but not too long. Wait too long and any benefit from practicing will fade. In fact, do not wait more than 8 seconds as a rule. This will ensure your take a fluid putting stroke.

2) The key to being a better putter is to ensure the lower half of your body is very stable. Any movement should be above the waist with a steady lower body. Whichever technique you employ, whether a hand\arm putter or a more shoulder driven putter, you need to ensure that your lower body is kept absolutely stable. Any movement here will result in unstable putting.

Most of the best players in the world have their own way of keeping stable through a putting stroke. Players like Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus will use a knee locking method to retain stability whilst Woods will keep the movement as far up the body as possible removing any chance of the legs moving. Whichever method you feel fits you the best, ensure your lower body stays stable and motionless.

3) Putting strokes differ from all other golf shots in the sense that there are no centrifugal forces at play. With this in mind, it is easy to see that setting up your shot is essential as this is what will determine how your shot plays out. So, setting up your putting stroke correctly is vital. Here are a few pointers.

a) Make sure your eye is over the ball looking directly down on the inside edge. This will facilitate in lining up your putter correctly with the ball and allow you to visually track where the ball is likely to travel

b) Ensure your hands and shoulders are in line. When your hands are in line with your shoulders it will enable your swing to pass naturally back and through the swing ensuring the putter head travel well.

c) The closer alignment between your hips and heels the better. This will create balance, alignment and further stability. This will ensure a more consistent shot.

d) Lastly ensure correct alignment between the putter shaft and the inside of your forearms. This is achieved by placing the grip of the putter more through the palm than in the fingers. Aligning the putter shaft with the forearms will produce a single leverage resulting in optimal control.

So, if you feel that your putting could do with a touch more improvement, follow the top tips above and you can be sure that things will only get better!

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