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Sometimes the tools hair stylists’ user seem like foreign and complicated pieces of equipment. Flat irons are no exception. Flat irons look kind of a like a modern curling iron but this is an alternative styling tool.

The most important quality of a flat iron is the material from which the plates are made.  Look for ones that are ceramic or a tourmaline ceramic blends. Lesser quality metal plates are more likely to have uneven heat and damaging qualities for you hair. Also, make sure there is an adjustable thermometer to ensure the proper temperature for your hair type.

Plug in flat irons and while you are waiting for them to heat, section your hair off. If you have thicker hair, you will need smaller sections while thinner hair can produce great results with larger sections. Before you begin, applying heat spray your hair with a thermal protection spray to avoid damage. The extreme temperatures of most flat irons style hair very effectively, but without proper protection they can also be damaging.

After your flat iron has heated up and your hair is sectioned off, start with the bottom most section, closest to the nape of your neck.  Move slowly and steadily to avoid staying in one place for too long. If you would like a slight curl or a flip, tilt the iron in either direction you would like your hair to go as you approach the ends of your hair. Release the iron after you reach the ends and repeat on the rest of the sections of your hair.

To achieve additional volume, use a hair paste or gel and back comb the roots near the crown of you head.  Finish off your look with a volumizing hair spray.

Beauty and hairstyling tools can be overwhelming if you do not know how to properly use them on your hair. With a little research, you can produce professional results from your own bathroom.


Jade Greene is a beauty and style author who writes about flat irons and Kamisori hair shears.