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Fixing a golf slice is one of the most common issues for the golfer. A slice is very frustrating and often you do not have a clue how to stop it. But you want to hit the ball straight like Tiger Woods right? Well, of course there are some good golf swing drills you can use to better your game and lower your score. If you want to stop slicing read on and take your game to the next level.

The first tip I want to give you is to have a look at your fitness level. A lot of golfer are not able to swing correctly just because their body is not in shape. Well, golf movements are pretty unnatural and you have to be fit if you want to have a proper swing. I would suggest to implement a workout routine if you have to. Maybe swimming and jogging is what you like.

There are even some very good golf fitness guides you can use to better your physical fitness. Do not shy away from this point, it is essential when it comes to fixing a golf slice. Stay or get in shape and you will see fast results in your score.

Another point is the right technique. If you have a bad one you will slice all the time. The right stance and grip is important if you want to win the next game. But how did you know if your technique is okay. Well, pretty easy. Analyze your swing before you go on the range and practice all the time.

Just film your self and see what is going on. Get yourself swing analyzer software. This helps a lot and you can focus on your weakness. So you do not waste your time with wrong exercises.

As you can see a good analyzer software and golf swing guide can do wonders if you done properly.

Now go on and get yourself a good training guide and start fixing a golf slice today.

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