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Chances are, if you have ever played golf, then you have sliced the ball more than once. Even the best of the best slice the ball on occasion and fortunately, because this is such a common occurrence, there are many magazine articles and books that address the golf slice cure.

If you are serious about seeking a remedy for your golf slice, there are many to choose from, and though the surrounding text of the articles can be quite different, the gist of the message is the same: alter your stance and/or your grip. Now, these may sound easy enough, but if you are slicing the ball on a frequent basis, then chances are you were never properly shown the correct form of these basic fundamentals in the sport of golf to begin with.

As a known golf slice cure, the act of working on your stance is probably the easiest for most people to address. The proper golf stance looks like this: your feet should be approximately shoulder length apart with the right foot pointing straight ahead and your left foot pointing slightly to the left (this is for right handed golfers — the converse is true if you are left handed).

Your elbows should be slightly, but naturally bent so that when you swing your club, the contact you make with the ball will be solid. It is best to visit a driving range in order to work on any adjustments to your stance that may be needed as part of your golf slice cure. Even a minor adjustment can have an amazing impact on your swing, and thusly, your score.

Working on your grip is another story entirely as most people, over time, have become so comfortable with the way they hold the club that any variation can initially feel awkward. However, if you are serious about addressing your golf slice problem, then working on your grip is essential to the process. As with altering your golf stance, it would be highly beneficial for you to utilize a driving range so you can practice the adjustments to your grip. For starters, you want to make sure you are not holding the club too loose — this is the most common reason for a golf slice, weak grip.

However, make sure you don’t over compensate because gripping the club too tightly will cause you to hook the ball to the left. Once you have the strength of the grip down, practice holding the club in various locations but always make sure your weak hand (the left for right handed golfers) is positioned facing the ball and your dominate hand is positioned away.

By working on these basic golf fundamentals, you have made it possible to obtain a golf slice cure.

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