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There are many putting tips available for you to perfect the art of sinking the ball. Many beginners may hear so many different words of advice that they really don’t know which to believe. Above all, practicing your putting shots is the most effective way in becoming a better putter. The other things you will depend on if you think they are helpful. Try out these and any other tips, and stick with the ones you prefer.

-Perfect your stance. Many golfers try to mock the stance of their buddies, mentors, or pro golfers they see on television. This leads to an awkward position that can hurt your back or legs, not to mention damage your putts. The object is to find a stance that is comfortable for you so you can play at your best. Find this by shifting your weight from one foot to the next, and from the toes to the heel. Somewhere in the middle will be the most comfortable way to stand for you. Slightly bending your knees can also help improve your putting swings.

-Pay attention to your grip. Too often beginning golfers will put a choke hold on the club, which creates awful, jerky movements with the putter. Imagine a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being incredibly tight and 1 being completely loose. Aim for a grip that is right in the middle, at a 5. This will help your with your swing by giving the club enough, but not too much, movement on the back swing and follow through.

-Take practice putts before each game. This works by getting you loosened up and ready for the green. When you first begin, don’t aim for the hole…just focus on hitting the ball and notice the distances it travels based on the strength of your swing. As you get a grip on how much effort to put into each putt, you can then begin hitting toward the hole at different locations and distances around the green. At least 10 minutes on the practice green can have you ready to make the putts throughout the course.

-Practice at home. Driving to the course each time you want to practice isn’t needed. You can set yourself up in your back yard, or even inside your home. Practice putting holes are available online and in golf specialty shops. These consist of a long grass carpet that leading to a hole. It’s important to set yourself on a practice schedule, and follow the routine. A good schedule would be 15-30 minutes at least 4 days a week. Do more if you like, but don’t let yourself get burned out with the putting.

These are nowhere near the only or best putting tips out there. However, these can get your well on your way to becoming a more successful putter. Practicing these and other drills regularly will help you improve your putting swing, and your golf score.

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