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This has got to be one of the most important strategies to have in your golf armory and yet one that is not used by the vast bulk of golfers. It’s not rocket science and it will increase your enjoyment levels, your strategy options and scoring ability quite markedly.

“This is surely one of the most effective strategies in golf.” – Ernie Els.

All you need to do is discover what distance you feel most comfortable pitching a ball into a green from. Now you may be able to think about this and come up with an idea of what it may be, but are you positive and have you honed it until it’s a real weapon?

Here’s how to get your secret weapon going. It will be as good as a secret weapon if you get this honed in because most golfers will not have a clue that you are using it intentionally and planning in many cases to set yourself up in order to bring it into play on a hole.

Go down to your practice ground or the driving range and take your wedges and perhaps a 9 iron depending on the distances you send the ball. Start hitting balls from 60 to 100 yards using your short game clubs. After a while you should be able to start narrowing down a few distances played with specific clubs that feel the easiest and most reliable to you. I would also encourage you to try ½  and ¾ swings pitching the ball to different distances.

Keep working until you settle on a swing rhythm and distance that you really feel comfortable with and then set a regular schedule to practice that one shot until it is honed in and reliable.

Now you have your “money shot” you can start to use it on the course by planning your hole strategies whenever you can so they set you up to use it. On short par 4’s change what you hit off the T so that you are left with your favorite shot for your second. It’s not wise to just try and blast it as close to the green as possible.

On par 5’s if you are not going for the green in 2 shots then plan from the T to get the ball into your scoring distance and this may even allow you to take less risks with your T shot and 2nd. You may be able to hit a 3 wood and mid iron to get to your favorite lay up distance while every one else is trying to blast drivers and long irons.

When you have put a T shot in trouble, your money shot comes into play to help you out. From trouble many golfers get greedy and try to blast their way out of trouble and get as close to the green as possible. If you are in trouble it is often a lot easier to work the ball to your favorite pitching distance rather than trying to get it another 30 or 40 yards closer to the green.

Golfers who do not have a reliable pitch shot invariably end up taking double and treble bogey because they get greedy and this is largely due to the fact that they do not have the luxury of a reliable shot they can lay up to. Laying up to your favorite distance gives you a good chance of getting the ball close enough to hole the putt and save your par, but at worse it is just a single shot dropped.

Discover your secret weapon, money shot, and begin playing golf with more strategy and options, enjoyment and better scores.

Wishing you FIR’s, GIR’s & Blue Skies,