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Playing golf is not just a recreational activity; it requires a lot of discipline and practice. While showing off, a drive would be the perfect opportunity. If you desire to shoot low scores you need to lean how to putt well. Here we will try and explain a few basics of putting in the game that will enable you to learn it properly.

Firstly try and master the posture. The ball must be nearer your front foot and the putter should be placed squarely with the target line. Hold your putter with a light grip while keeping your wrists unyielding. Your arms should adopt the stance of a pendulum, and now start taking a few swings. This will help you decide upon the speed you require. For the final try, swing your putter smoothly form the shoulder level.

The back swing should descend smoothly on the ball, hitting the target squarely. With practice, you will be able to hit at the speed desired while keeping your head completely motionless and your eyes on the ball. Next, make sure that your legs are not shaking or moving. Stand still with a little bend in your knees. Watch carefully as the putter swings and hits the back of the ball. If done expertly it almost feels like motioning the ball towards the hole with your rear hand. To achieve this, the follow-through must cover the same length as the back swing. Moreover, try and keep your head still even after the ball has been hit. Keep your ears ready to pick up the sound of the ball dropping into the hole smoothly. Soon you will be able to handle a consistently good stroke.

It is no wonder that putting is termed as a “feel” shot. Once has to go through this process very deliberately, keeping all the senses sharp and alert. You have to exert all your coordination skills along with using your judgment and precision.

As for the putter, it seems to be the most used of all golf clubs. The driver is used to achieve a spectacular effect, and you must have used it 13-14 times while playing a good game. Now count the number of times the putter has been used in the same game. I am sure that the number doubles! Playing golf as has been mentioned earlier is not just about pleasure; you must put in a lot of effort to play like a pro. And to achieve that, let your driver be unused for a while. Take up that putter and practice your shots again and again. Before you know it, you will become an ace golfer!

In short, you have choose you line- that is try and build a mental picture of the course that you want the ball to take. Take into account the furrowed surface of the green. It takes time to discover the correct path, and it will come with practice. Change your perspective to figure out the slope, and then fix your grip.

You will soon be a pro at this game!

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