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A golf swing slice is one of the most common mistakes a golfer can do. If you know how to fix a slice then you will see fast improvements in you game resulting in lower scores and better results.
But how to stop slicing in a correct way. Some tips on this topic can you find in this article. You can use them to train your technique and better your golf swing slice.
I would like to start with the aspect of a good stance. This is vital to your success. Put your shoulders up and stay ahead to your target. The stance should be about as wide as your shoulders. The right foot straight ahead and the left one a bit to the left. This stance can help to fix a slice.
These changes in your stance can make big differences in your game and where your ball will end up. A proper stance can be trained at the driving range pretty easy.
Another point is the correct grip. Your hand has to be in the right position if you want to stop slicing. The left hand has on the club right in front of your eyes when you look down. Now wrap the right hand over the left hand and leave your thumb into your right palm. There are some great videos and courses to illustrate this. If you do this right your golf swing slice will be better after a while of training.
Practice the proper golf swing at the driving range to find out why you slice the ball. Ask some friends what they can see when you hit the ball. Maybe they know how to correct your golf swing slice. I know that a golf grip or stance seems to be very simple but it is one of the most common errors a golfer can do. And so, correcting this is one of the best ways to fix a slice.
Next you will want to know what kind of training methods and guides are there to better your golf swing slice.

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