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Ping looked to build upon its previous success with the G10 and add to its already sterling reputation in every golf shop and among golfers worldwide. It features a visually appealing club head, similar to the rest of Ping’s G series. The blend of metallic shine and black and red coloring make the Ping G15 irons some of the sharpest looking irons on the course.


The biggest improvement is that the G15 irons are a bit more forgiving thanks to the moment of inertia increasing which Ping has achieved by introducing a custom tuning port that is further back from the face of the clubhead. This has allowed Ping’s designers to remove seven grams from the G15’s face custom tuning port structure without destabilizing the clubface or reducing distance control. This weight is repositioned to move the center of gravity lower and back in the club head to help provide high launch and optimal spin. The Ping G15 irons also have a slightly thinner face design with more weight moved to the toe to help increase forgiveness and the lofts are stronger and the sole design slightly wider than on the G10 irons to help produce strong and high trajectory. The G15 irons also have a full cavity graphics badge which helps to improve the feel of the club and promote a much softer feel.


Ping has put out another solid edition to their line of irons that will surely attract the Ping faithful. The Ping G15 irons get the job done without a lot of extra bells and whistles which is what some golfers are looking for. If that’s you then you’d be missing out on a solid set of irons in the golf shop if these weren’t on your short list. These irons offer predictable if not unspectacular performance and I would definitely recommend them to a high handicap golfer who is looking to invest in their first ‘new’ set of irons.