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There is and old saying in golf, “drive for show, put for dough”. And how true it is. You may be great off the tee, but if you cannot put consistently, then your game will suffer and your scores will blow out.

Putting is very much a confidence thing. If you are not confident, then you have no chance of sinking those important putts, and the dreaded three put will regularly appear on your card.

But confidence only comes with practice. If you refine your putting stroke, then your confidence will improve, and your scores will improve. But how do you improve your putting game? Well here are 3 Great Putting Tips to help you. I have used these tips and have improved my game as a result of practising these tips:

Tip 1

Concentrate on taking the putter head back square, then returning to square at impact with the ball. Assuming that you have accurately determined where you need to aim your put, it is almost impossible to putt accurately if the putter head is not square at impact.

Tip 2

Practice before each round. Start with short putts of say 1 to 4 feet in length. Do not move to longer distances until you feel comfortable with your short putting stroke. This is a very important tip, and one that really helps me. I find that if I don’t get my stroke correct for the short putts, then any problems will be magnified over longer distances. So, start short, then gradually increase the distance of your practice putts.

Tips 3

Take a slow, short back swing, keeping your arms straight (imagine them as a pendulum). Don’t break your wrists. Then follow through, ensuring that your putter head moves through the ball and ends up about shin high. This will help you to gain consistent distance and feel with your putts.

So there you have it. Practice these three tips and your putting stroke and confidence will improve.

Happy golfing.

Dave is a keen amateur golfer, always looking for ways to improve his game. These tips have helped Dave to improve his game and will help you. If you would like some professional help with your game, then have a look at this sensational, low cost program: