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The slice is one of the most common swing problems of the weekend golfer. If you suffer with a slice then you have possibly searched for info on how to cure a golf slice. If you did not come across the information necessary to find out how to fix a slice then this information will teach you; luckily, fixing a slice in golf is not that complicated.

There are several reasons why you could be slicing the golf ball and the trick for the way to cure a slice is to identify the problem and then fixing it. The principle two areas where the problem of slicing the ball originates are in the golf grip and set-up or throughout the swing sequence.

Gripping the Club

Although there is no such thing as a correct way to grip the club, there are proper golf grip rudiments which you have to discover if you want to know how to fix a slice. There are 9 positions that you can use to grip the golf club; the 1st three are the grip styles which shouldnt be a difficulty with your slice fault – inter-locking, overlapping, and ten finger grip.

Placing the Golf Club in the Left Hand

As you situate the golf club in your left hand, the neutral position would be to have the grip of the club go through the base of your forefinger to a position in the center of your palm over your little finger. To fix a slice in golf you may try adjusting this position so that the golf club is more towards your fingers.

Grip Strength

Your grip strength isn’t how tightly you hold the golf club but is a name utilized for the position of both hands on the club. When you are in the address position and you gaze downward at your hands holding the club, you must see a couple of knuckles showing of the left hand – this is a neutral grip.

The slice in golf might be the result of a weak grip which is if you cant see any knuckles showing of your left hand. Simply rotate both hands jointly towards the right until they are in a neutral position.

The Grip Pressure

You will have in all probability heard a lot of different ways on the amount of pressure you need to use to grip the club. Some advise to grip it tightly and the rest advise to grip it lightly. The fact is, if you wish to know how to fix a golf slice, you will prefer to experiment with how much pressure you apply to the grip.

If you happen to grip the club overly firmly then that can be the reason for your slice. Experiment with a lighter grip pressure but not so loose that the club-head twists at impact. Furthermore the dimensions of the grips which are fitted on your clubs can have an effect on the balls path. If the grips are overly large for your hand then this could bring about a slice in golf.

Experimentation and Practice

The secret to discovering how to cure a slice by adjusting your grip should be to test and to practice. For every one of the grip tips above, you should experiment by varying your grip by slight increments at a time, and then practice the new position by striking a few golf balls. If you discover no difficulties with your grip then you have to have a look at your setup position and then your swing mechanics.

If you want to learn How to Golf Better then you need to learn how to recognize your golf swing faults and then to fix them.

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