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To improve putting, I have 3 tips for you to use on the practice green and you should see the same results that I did. Improve putting means lower scores on your score card.

I have struggled with my putting most of my golfing career and to be perfectly honest I was a very poor putter. I used the traditional grip when putting. I am right handed so my left hand was on the top and my right hand was on the bottom.

Using the traditional grip, my biggest problem was keeping the club head square to the target line throughout the putting stroke. I would usually push of pull my putts which means I missed allot of putts.

A few years ago I decided to change my grip on the putter and I put my left hand on the bottom and my right hand on the top.

Changing my grip gave me more control of my putting stroke by taking my right hand out of the putt. I now controlled the putting stroke with my left hand and I now used my right hand to keep the putter head square to the target line. This helped me to be more consistent with my putting and rolling the ball where I wanted it to go.

The second thing I changed to improve putting has had the most dramatic results for me and is responsible for me to start lowering my scores on the golf course.

I was preparing to play in the final qualifying round of the ESPN 2 Man Best Ball Tournament that was going to be held in Las Vegas. I was playing a practice round with my partner the day before the finals. We were playing at Bears Best which is where the qualifying finals were to be held and that course just happens to be one of my favorite golf courses.

We were paired up with another twosome which decided to use one of the course’s caddies for their round. About half way through the round I was complaining about my poor putting like I normally did when the caddie told me that I was picking my head up to quickly while I was putting. He told me to keep my head down a couple of extra seconds after I stroked the ball and not to be in a hurry to pick it up to see where the ball was going.

That caddie sure knew what he was talking about. Keeping my head down a few extra seconds after stroking the ball helped me to keep my ball on line and if I had lined the put up correctly the ball was starting to roll in the cup.

The next day while playing in the qualifying finals I follow that caddie’s advice and I kept my head down for a few extra seconds while putting. By following hes advice I one putted thirteen greens and ended up shooting the best round of my life. My partner and I went on to play in the ESPN Tournament Finals. By the way, I shot a 73 that day. Not bad for a 10 handicapper.

The third and final tip to improve putting is to relax your hands when gripping the club. The fact is, you should have a relaxed grip on all your shots when playing golf. Relaxing your hands when gripping the club will help to improve all your shots and not just your putting.

Using these 3 tips has helped me to become a much better player on the greens than I use to be. Give them an honest try on the practice green and see if they improve your putting the way they did mine. Improve putting is the easiest way I know to help lower your scores and your handicap.

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