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No matter how long you have played golf, it is always helpful to review the core golf fundamentals of the golf swing.  Below are proven golf fundamentals for the golf grip, shot set up and golf ball position.  These golf fundamentals are for right handed golfers.

Grip Golf Fundamentals

The majority of golfers use the “Vardon Overlap” grip.  Below are the golf fundamentals for this grip:

1. With your fingers straight and together and palms facing you, take your right hand little finger and place it between the notch formed in between your left hand index and middle finger.
2. Fold your hands over grip of the club with the thumb of your left hand placed snugly in the lifeline of your right hand.
3. When looking down at your completed grip, check that the two knuckles of your left hand forefinger and middle finger are visible.  Also, look at the creases formed at the intersection of your thumbs and forefingers and ensure they point between the right side of your face and right shoulder.  These checks ensure you have a solid, neutral golf grip, one that is not too “weak” or “strong.”

Shot Setup Golf Fundamentals

1. Get into an athletic, balanced position.
2. Have your body weight in the middle of your feet.
3. Tilt upper body from the hips about thirty degrees.
4. Bend your knees slightly
5. Keep a straight back and lift your chin off your chest.
6. Simply let your arms hang loosely.

Ball Position Golf Fundamentals

1. Driver: Set up with the golf ball about three inches forward (toward your target) from the center of your stance and in line with your left foot heel.
2. Fairway Woods, Hybrid and Long Irons: Set up with the golf ball about two inches forward (toward your target) from the center of your stance.
3. Middle irons (five to seven iron): Set up with the golf ball about one inch forward (toward your target) from the center of your stance.
4. Short irons (eight iron to wedges): Set up with the golf ball in the center of your stance.

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