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Phobias plague people of all walks of life of different cultures, careers, ages and vocations. But one place most people dont associate with phobias is on the golf course. No, the serene links, greens, fairways and tee boxes of your local golf club are not often thought of with fear and anxiety, except for those with golf driving yips.

This problem can add as much as five strokes to any golfers round, and the golf driving yips can kill not only your handicap, but your love for the game. If you have a case of the yips, then you have a nervous disorder that is causing you to get a case of the jerks or shakes on the course. These jerks, shakes or twitches can be dehabilitating anywhere on the course, but especially on the tee box.

When standing between the tee markers, with nothing but fairway in front of you, the golf driving yips can force you to lose your focus and force your body to shut down. You will lose your golfing motor skills and you may not even be able to bring your club back on the upswing.

The driver is the most intimidating club to have in your hand to begin with, and all of sudden forgetting how to swing the club will destroy your chance and finding anything near the fairway. The golf driving yips will force your brain to yell NO as you begin to bring the club back.

This uncertainty will make it nearly impossible to position yourself for birdies, to find fairways, to hit greens and to shoot the kinds of rounds that are important to you having fun on the course.

If the yips strike you at this inopportune time, you might find yourself flailing the club like a 30-handicapper, or unable to even move. It has happened to professionals of all skill levels. The yips have gotten the best of 8-time major winner Tom Watson, Champions Tour hero Bernhard Langer and potential all-time great Johnny Miller.

This conditioned response can stop you from making the simplest golf motions, even though you known how and you have done them thousands of times. If this happens, it is likely due to some past trauma that may have occurred on the course. The golf driving yips can stop you from hitting the ball, and even stop you from swinging your club, and the correct methods to stop this can be elusive when using the wrong methods.

Many will tell you to change your game to alter your mechanics or fundamentals to get rid of the golf driving yips, but this is counterintuitive. It is like trying to remove a leak from your sink just using a mop. This mop can be a change in your swing, such as a belly putter or claw grip. It is something to change the situation, not stop it. Discard the bucket and turn the water off first. You can do this by turning the golf driving yips off, not by altering your approach to the game.

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