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The world feels extremely lucky if one person becomes consistent with a workout program. You see, consitent people are rare nowadays. With the crazy schedule and distraction that the world offers, most would rather party at night or sit in their seat suctions rather than look after their health by exercising.

Keeping your workouts consistent and your body in shape comes down to four secrets that are rather easy to implement in daily life:

1. Look at your long term goals, rather than how you feel today.

2. Raise your standards and expect more of yourself.

3. Refuse to be a slave to excuses.

4. Make self care your number one priority.

When you focus on your long term goals it becomes easier to implement the other three things on this list. You may want to fit into those skinny jeans or have ripped abs for the beach next summer, but let’s face the fact: those short term goals are not going to motivate you when your excuses are in full force.

Long term results like these will fuel you to exercise more:

1. I want to live longer so I can see my children grow up.

2. I want to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

3. I no longer want to be borderline diabetic.

4. I would like to lessen the chances of me getting serious illnesses like cancer or stroke.

Next time you want to skip a workout, don’t focus on how tired you are or how many other things you need to get done. Instead, focus on these things. Suddenly that workout feels more urgent, right?

It also helps if you expect more of yourself. Be firm with your standards and be sure that you live them out. Plan your exercise hours before the week starts so that you can set your mind (and heart) into it. Set a rule that the only reason you will ever miss again is if you are physically incapable of doing any type of physical movement.

In order to live up to this new standard you will have to push through your own excuses. Bloating because it’s a certain time of the month doesn’t rise to the occasion of being unable to workout. Saying you’re too busy is no longer acceptable. If the President of the U.S. can workout consistently with his load of stress and never ending to-do list, so can you!

Finally, you will have to start putting yourself first if this new line of thinking is going to prevail. You have to put yourself above all the other things going on in your life long enough to get that workout in. If this brings up some guilt for you, think of it this way: you aren’t asking for a lot! This will only take a few couple of hours for you to listen to what your body says. That is much less than you spend caring for everyone else, so there should be no guilt involved.

Guilt would be justified if you were spending this time getting drunk or soaking in a bubble bath. You are instead taking care of yourself in a healthy manner and you have just as much right to that care as everyone else has! Have the confidence to realize that you can look better… love yourself.

As a final note, there is no gray area when it comes to working out consistently. Either you do those scheduled workouts or you fail yourself. There is no middle ground here.

The good news is these secrets to consistency will work if you fully embrace them. Think long-term rather than short-term reasons such as i have better things to do today.

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