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Golf gets the worst reputation as a dull sport, as not entertaining to view on TV. Yet every season PGA matches get high ratings, offering high action in the frame of noble leisure. Golf also has had a stereotype as one of the least athletic pastimes-a number of husky figures in the sport supported this stereotype. Lately, however, we see a number of skilled athletes displaying heights of strength, grace and skill on the level with any other pastime. Wholesale jerseys wouldn’t not seem like profitable business for golf, but one athlete has clothes everybody demands. No person represents this change more than Tiger Woods.

Tiger, whose real first name is Eldrick, burst onto the scene in ’91 as one of the most exciting amateur players ever seen, when he won the US Junior Amateur Championship at only 15, the youngest ever to do so. Since early childhood Tiger had been an astounding golfer, having out-putted Bob Hope on national TV at age 3. After first winning the Junior Amateur Championship, he went on to win it two more times in a row-the event’s sole multiple champion. He was the sole amateur to make the cut at the Masters at just 19. Jersey wholesalers were already seeing the chance to make money off Woods’ style by this age. When he turned twenty he became a pro, and has not turned back since.

Tiger has won a staggering 14 major championships and has won each of the majors at least 3 times. Just the legend Arnold Palmer has more, and Woods is predicted to one day break that record as well. He has topped the Masters and the Player’s Championship each 4 times, this in just over a decade. He is widely picked as the best golfer in the world, probably of all time. Wholesale jerseys in the line worn by Tiger have been bought in the millions. His entrance into the professional tour was one of both pride and controversy. The first African-American golfer to achieve these glories in a once all-White sport, many of the private clubs he played on the tour would not allow him as a member. He has silenced these people by becoming one of the planet’s most well-known and capable athletes, the number one athletic figure of our day.

What Tiger Woods has presented to golf is athleticism, compelling every other athlete to strengthen his physique. Over are the times of overweight players competing to win tournaments. He has shown ability which has forced his rivals to golf even better. He has shown a desire and focus which is thrilling to watch each and every season. And the man has shown jersey wholesalers an armload of custom. In all, he has transformed the name of golf from something one listens to while napping on the weekend to something one inches up on the edge of the couch for. Tiger Woods has made golf one of the planet’s most entertaining sports, a feat simply unrivaled in the game’s storied history.

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