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It requires quite an effort to correct a golf slice. Trying to work through a list of possible culprits can help you find the cause of the problem. This article will give you some time-tested tips to help you correct a golf slice.


One of the most occurring issues that lead to slicing a ball happens during address. However, there are countless issues that can cause this to happen.


Most golfers keep their feet, hips and shoulders in line – this is a square stance. Unless your foot is directly in line with your left shoulder, your ball can fly to the right on impact. So try and make sure that your left foot isn’t slightly forward to prevent this from happening. The same applies to shoulders and hips.


The next part is making sure your grip is correct. A lot of new players tend to hold the club a little too tightly, and this can cause the club head to open on impact. You need to make sure your grip is perfect, because a tight grip and a loose grip can both cause the ball to fly to the right, leading to a hook or a slice.


You can determine how to hold your club just by looking down at your hands while you are holding the club. With a correct grip, you should be able to see two or three knuckles on your left hand. It is a sign that your grip is incorrect when you can’t see any knuckles at all. As you come back into the hitting zone, your hands will rotate back to a neutral position which can cause the club face to open.


Keep rotating just your hands until you are able to see a couple of your knuckles. Make sure you have a few practice swings with this new grip. Making small changes to your grip can really go a long way.


Swing tempo is very important when it comes to correcting a golf slice. A lot of golfers think that all their power comes from their arms so they try to use this to get some extra distance, but most of the time, this never works. They let their hands take control when they reach the top of their backswing and lead the downswing. By doing this, the clubface will always certainly open.


Your swing needs to be relaxed and smooth from start to finish. When you reach the top of your backswing, try to avoid tugging at the club. You need to allow your hips to begin the downswing for everything else to follow nicely.


You also need to look at your divot when you are trying to correct a golf slice. You are going to have a few problems if your divot is pointing a little too far to the right. In cases like this, you need to re-check your posture and make sure you have that nice, square stance.


Finding the problems and fixing them will obviously take a lot of time and patience when it comes to fixing a golf slice. But working through the causes will help you to eventually find the answers and you will be able to play with ease.


I am sure these tips to Fixing A Slice In Golf will work for you if you put the time and effort to practice them out on the green.

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