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There’s nothing more exciting than taking a long-awaited vacation-especially if you’re a Senior. Once you’ve got your tickets purchased and plans set in place, it’s time to make some important decisions about your luggage. What luggage should I choose? So, consider these important Travel Tips.

Does the bag allow you to “lean on”?

If you usually use a walking-aid, consider luggage allowing you to “lean on” the handle. Imagine standing in those long airport check-in lines and being able to lean on a device that gives your back and legs support. You may consider the luggage with four multi directional wheel, and height adjustable handle.

How easy is the luggage/bag to walk with?

You want luggage that is easy to maneuver. Luggage that doesn’t tie you down. Why not consider a bag that glides alongside you and maneuvers with little or no effort with 360 degree multi directional wheel? Think about it. You’re moving from place to place. You need a bag that moves with you.

Choose carry-on, fits under the seat.

Most airline charges for checked baggage, more than $ 15 per piece, per flight. If you fly multiple city, this increase accordingly. So, consider carry-on luggage. Also, especially for seniors, it’s important to have immediate access to medication, passports, books etc… It’s key to consider how easy your bag is to store under a seat. When you’re traveling you’re looking for easy accessibility, storing your bag under your seat may be your best option.

Is your luggage light weight?

Luggage doesn’t have to be heavy to be good. Heavy luggage can cause problems when you’re traveling. Think light and think smart. Using the internet to research the luggage may help you. Do not believe hypothetical copy, find the actual specification and compare them. Consider the luggage that weighs less than 7 pounds for your comfort.

Whether you’re traveling by air, train, or RV, retirement is the perfect time to take that long-awaited vacation. Don’t let your luggage cramp your style. Choose smart. Choose wise. Choose luggage you can “lean on”.

Sid Magill, National Sales Director of Swany Walkin’Bags, has been in luggage industry more than 10 years. For more information about the bag you can “lean on”, visit https://www.walkinbag.com If you need more travel tip? visit http://www.walkinbag.com/faq_Walkinbag/choosing-luggage