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Golf Iron Set is the most important and most popular golf equipment in your golf bag. Golf irons could make up more than half the number of clubs that you carry.


These clubs are generally used for shots varying between less than 200 to 100 yards in distance from the green. Golf Iron Set is comparatively difficult to master and that’s why the driving iron (or 1-iron) and the 2-iron are generally left out of standard golf club sets. However, just for this reason, don’t be afraid to handle your irons! In case you are a little tentative with them, here are 6 valuable tips to help you along in your play:


You ought to have a good idea of how far you can hit with each of your clubs. This is a special secret which can really work to your advantage. The nearer you get to the green, the higher the number of iron you will need. Drivers are not only useful hitting off the tee, but are also quite handy teeing off for Par-3 and when you’re narrow and short on Par-4. If you are one of those novice golfers with the tendency to hit your ball off its center, you can increase your proficiency by using cast irons also known as “perimeter weighted” Golf Iron Set.


There are advantages and disadvantages to using the forged irons that you would do well to keep in mind. Forged irons have heads with a full back behind them. This gives these clubs less of a sweet spot which means the golfer using them has to be painfully accurate or his/her error could be past forgiveness. However, expert golfers would love forged irons as they are far more controlled and have more “feel” than their cast counterparts. Also, if you swing your club relatively slowly and therefore cover a relatively shorter distance, you might consider switching to a graphite shaft as it’s much lighter than steel and can greatly improve the speed of your swing.


Finally, go for a custom club fitting if you’re confused by the multifarious options available in the market today. Those who teach golf admit that almost three-quarters of the people who come to them for help have chosen stiff shafts to work with. The choices in shaft flexes and club heads are now so advanced; it’s easy to be in a dilemma about making the right choice. So instead of adapting yourself to your club, let the club adapt to you!