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Putting is perhaps one of the most important aspects of golf and is a skill that can make or break a golfer’s game.

If you struggle with putting, you’re certainly not alone.

In fact, most people have had a case of the dreaded ‘yips’ at some point during their golfing career – me included!

The difficultly with putting is that you have to slightly adjust your technique according to the surface your putting on.

For instance, I regularly play at two different courses both of which have completely different greens.

One of the courses has lightening fast greens made from ‘bent grass’ and the other has slow greens that are made from normal grass.

I have to say, I find it very difficult to swap from one to another and it sometimes causes me to lose my timing which results in me stabbing at the ball instead of putting smoothly through it.

In general though, there are a few ways of achieving a more consistent putting technique and here is a small selection of quick-fire tips that should help improve this area of your game:

1. Choose a comfortable grip.

There are many different putting grips that you can experiment with.

Even the pro’s seem to change their grip every once in a while and you’ve probably seen some of the weird and wonderful variations that they come up with!

Every golfer is different, so every golfer is going to have a different grip that is most comfortable for him or her.

In general, try and find a grip that you’re comfortable with and then stick with it.

Consistently changing your grip will only make your putting inconsistent and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

You could even watch footage of professionals putting on YouTube.com and then try and copy their gripping techniques.

2. Keep your head still

This is one of the most important aspects of your putting technique.

Be sure that you always keep your head still until you’ve hit the ball and it’s rolling toward its destination.

If you move your head and follow your shot, your stance will shift and you’ll lose control of the golf ball. As a result, your shot won’t go where you intended.

I actually went to one of the British Open practice rounds at Royal St Georges a few years ago and remember watching Nick Faldo’s putting technique.

What he did was to keep his head in exactly the same position until the ball had reached the hole.

He wouldn’t look up at all and this guaranteed his head and stance would be dead still whilst he was putting through the ball. I actually tried this myself (and still do it) and it improved my putting literally overnight.

3. Practice your putting.

It’s an old trite saying, but it’s true, especially on the golf course: “Practice makes perfect.” Personally I always arrive early for my golf game to allow myself a little time to work on my putting tempo before teeing off.

4. Every putt should be treated the same way.

Your stance and set up should be the same for every putt you make.

A good rule of thumb is to practice your stance when putting until it becomes second nature.

Also make sure you place the golf ball properly in your stance.

When the golf ball is positioned properly, you won’t have to worry so much about your stance negatively affecting your putts.

Ok, that’s all for today,