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For more than fifteen years I struggled with a really ugly left to right ball flight. I spent more time looking for golf balls than playing the game. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. My score hung in the 110 to 120 range, mainly because I could never hit the ball straight.

Well, the other day while playing with my golf buddy, I shot an 84. Not bad for a senior golfer. But the good news is I’ve been shooting in the low 80s consistently for the past two years. And it’s mostly because I now hit the golf ball straight down the fairway on almost every tee shot. I even aced two holes-in-one this past year and came close to breaking 80 many times.

The secret?

Actually, it’s very simple when you stop and think about it. If you ever played baseball or tennis, or chopped down a tree, you already know the secret to the ideal golf swing.

Picture yourself searching for that perfect Christmas tree in a wooded forest. When you find the tree, you pick up your axe with both hands, the back of the right hand facing down and the left facing up, and you swing at the base of the tree.

Nothing complicated. It’s the exact same grip a baseball player uses to hit a low outside fast ball. Again, the hands  are turned well to the right. In golf, we call this a strong grip. But make it even stronger with a ten-finger grip with both hands turned well to the right.

Why use an overlapping or interlocking neutral grip and then flip your wrists just before contact? Have you ever seen a home run hitter do this? So why should a golfer use such a weird grip and flipping action to hit a golf ball? Tradition?

Anyway, after I changed to my common sense super-strong baseball bat grip, I began hitting the ball straighter. I also now lean farther to the right at address and bring the golf club in on a much flatter plane, almost like tossing a Frisbee.

Will this golf tip cure your slice? Who can say? I’m not a golf instructor and don’t make any claims. All I know is that it worked for me and helped me enjoy a sport I was just about to quit in frustration.

If you are at this point now, try my common sense baseball bat grip, lean well to the right at address, tee your golf ball high, even with or a little beyond your front foot, and then let it rip. I think it will help you find a lot more fairways.

*PS/ If you have been playing golf using a traditional grip and upright swing for a long time, it may take you a while before you stop flipping your wrists at impact. This will result in a nasty hook. Pros can flip their wrists at the exact right moment because they spend hours perfecting their timing. Face it! You’re not a pro, and neither am I. So why make hitting a golf ball any harder than it needs to be. Keep it simple!

Try my common sense cure, and let me know if it helps rid you of your really ugly slice.

E. P. “Ned” Burke took up golf at the age of fifty. He admits to being hooked on golf and started his own website, My Personal Golf Buddy http://www.mypersonalgolfbuddy.com to help other golfers enjoy golf as much as he does.