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There are a lot of things that you will find you need to master before you can consider yourself competent at the game of golf. One of them is stance, and one of the first things about stance that you need to learn and understand is that it will be different not only for different types of shot but it will also be different depending on what club you choose to play the shot with. A shot with a driver for instance will mean a completely different stance to if you had played the shot with a five iron.

When the club head strikes the ball it should have already started the upward motion of the swing meaning you have already passed the lowest part of the arc of swing. If you think about it this means that you will also need to be stood very slightly behind the tee so that when the club is perpendicular to the ground the head will be just behind the ball. A rule of thumb is to stand with your feet a shoulder width apart to give yourself good grounding and balance with your weight evenly distributed between both feet. If you don’t know how much behind the ball you should be then another rule of thumb here is to have the ball roughly aligned with the instep of your left foot (for a right handed player). Of course, as I have said, this is a rule of thumb and so you will have to practice with the ball in slightly different positions until you find the best result.

The next thing to look at once you are happy with the ball placement in relation to your body and the club head is your shoulders. If you draw an arrow through your shoulders it should be pointing in the direction you want to ball to travel. So I guess, in most cases this arrow will go from your right shoulder through your left shoulder and  should be pointing towards the pin.

Correct preparation of your body position in relation the ball and where you want it to go is essential if you are going to play a decent shot.

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