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So you want to learn proper putting technique huh? Great. I bet right now you have some days where you can’t seem to even hit the hole, yet other days you barely miss anything. I’m also willing to bet that you have many more bad days than you have good days. Why? Well you see those days that you putt well are the days where you are actually trusting your natural stroke. You’re not forcing anything and you’re not thinking about every little movement. You’re just letting your stroke take over.

The Proper Putting Technique Myth – EXPOSED

This is the key to putting, but first you must learn proper putting technique. Here is where nearly EVERYONE falters when trying to learn proper putting technique. They try to take the putter straight back, and straight through. Sounds good right? Well it’s absolutely NOT. You see if you take the putter straight back and straight through, you are telling your brain to keep the putter face square right? Well because of your orientation to the ball (off to its side) it is 100% impossible to keep the putter face square without manipulating the face of the putter with your hands, which is the reason most players struggle with putting.

What do I mean by this? Well like I explained earlier, you are standing to the side of the ball when putting right? As in your hands have no way of being directly over the ball (its illegal). Because of this your natural putting arc has to curve slightly as the hands move back and through. The only way your putterface can remain square to the target line when you take your putter back is if you go outside the natural line of your stroke, and close the putter face. It might appear like your putter is square, but it is not.

This causes you to have to open it back up, and come back inside to the ball on the way back to it. What does that mean? It means unless you do this with absolute perfection you are going to miss with a dead pull caused by the putter face being closed and the putter coming in, or a weak dribbler out to the right caused by a slicing action of an open putter face.

Actual Proper Putting Technique – The CW Golf Instruction Way

Now, if you were to follow your natural putting arc, an inside to inside motion for EVERYONE, you would not have to manipulate the clubface at all to keep it square to the ball. Just like your goal with your swing is to keep the clubface square to the swing plane, your goal with your putting stroke is to keep your putterface square to the putting arc, something I like to call the Perpendicular Putting Principle.

Think what would happen if you tried to keep your clubface square to the ball in your swing. Your club turns upside down! You couldn’t do it! There is no difference with putting.

I’ve taught thousands of students proper putting technique using this principle with my short game course. Nearly every person who takes the course ends up emailing me saying they’ve seen an easier to understand breakdown of putting.