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For the purpose of this article we are going to cover how to hit better iron shots. Many folks when playing golf tend to focus a lot on hitting the driver far and straight, while this is important, the fact remains if your irons are off you will hit less greens and more importantly you will not be able to get the ball close to the pin.

We all know the rush when you hit a good drive down the fairway, then pull out an iron and strike the ball within inches of the cup. The walk from where you hit your iron to the green feels great.

So how can you hit better iron shots to improve your game as a whole?

Number one, the fist error you need to avoid is casting the club from the top of the swing. When this happens the club face gets ahead of the hands which will result in numerous bad shots.

In order to correct this you will need to address the transition between the upswing and downswing. Essentially your body as in the hips and shoulders will initiate the downswing with the club following. If you practice this and engage the bigger muscles then you will hit better iron shots.

Number two the next tip is to video your swing and watch your body movement. Just like I mentioned in the tip number one, the weight transition is also of importance, you will have some lateral movement as you take the club back and shift the weight to your right side, the hips need to rotate and body as a whole is working as a unit.

If you are right handed the left knee will become straight causing a slight hip tilt, in other words the left hip will be slightly higher than the right hip. When you swing sets up this way you will hit the ball cleaner and with more accuracy.

Number three involves the shoulders; you need to turn the shoulders in other words the big muscles. Essentially you want to get to a full ninety degree turn. This helps you in various ways one of which is initiating proper weight shift.

In summary you will work on your swing, get the mechanics right and this way you will hit better iron shots.

If you have any interest in golf or even if you’re halfway serious about your game. Then you are intelligent enough to know that to really improve your game you have to measure it.