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No matter your skill level, it is always helpful to review the core golf basics of the fundamental golf swing.  Below are quick golf basics tips for gripping the club, set up and ball position.  Note that these golf basics tips are for right handed golfers.

Grip Golf Basics Tips

There are several different types of golf grip types that golfers use.  However, the vast majority of golfers use the “Vardon Overlap” grip.  Below are the golf basic tips for this grip:

1. With palms facing you and fingers straight, take right hand little finger and place it between left hand index and middle finger.
2. Fold your hands over the golf grip with the left hand thumb fit snugly in the lifeline of your right hand.
3. When you look down at your grip, check that the knuckles of your left hand forefinger and middle finger are visible and the creases formed at the intersection of your thumbs and forefingers point between right side of face and right shoulder.

Setup Golf Basics Tips

1. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart and make sure you are balanced with your weight in the middle of your feet.
2. Tilt your upper body from the hips about 30 degrees.
3. Slightly flex the knees, keep a straight back and lift your chin up off your chest.
4. Let your arms hang loosely.
5. Narrow your feet slightly less than shoulder width apart if you are hitting with wedges and short irons, about shoulder width apart for longer irons and slightly wider than shoulder width apart for the longest irons and woods.

Ball Position Golf Basics Tips

1. Driver: Set up with the golf ball three inches (or about three golf balls) forward from center and aligned with the heel of your left foot.
2. 3, 5 Wood & Hybrid (also long Irons): Set up with the golf ball about two inches (or two golf balls) forward from center.
3. Middle irons (5,6 & 7 Irons): Set up with the golf  ball about an inch (or one golf ball) ball forward from center.
4. Short irons (8, 9 & Wedges): Set up with the golf ball in the center of stance.

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