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How about amazing your family members, neighbors and friends with some beautiful pictures from around the world? Wouldnt it be a great surprise for them to see them and wonder that when you went on a world trip? Well! Of course for that you literally do not need to travel the globe but need a simple green screen editor to do the magic work for you. With it, you could completely transform ordinary images into something that may possibly be beyond your imagination. An editor is basically a tool that is developed with capabilities to edit pictures with the help of this technology. Let us first understand what this technique is all about. It is a member of the digital photography where any image whether in the background or foreground could be replaced. Since green is a color that is sensitive to the camera sensors so professionals generally make use of this hue to get excellent images. Either the subject could be replaced or simply if in the background you want a holiday theme then you could replace the green screen with a picture of some beach or ocean, whichever desired.

This is what an editing tools job is. With the kind of advancement that has come in technological world, you could drastically alter the look of background image, turning it from a boring picture into a fun image with loads of colors and other exciting elements. For example, you want to trick your friends with a certain kind of picture then by just clicking a photo of yours in front of a plain backdrop and then replacing the backdrop with a picture of waves in ocean to give an impression of surfing, you could do it and surprise them. It is not only the background but as well the subject that could be replaced with another object. Such tools are capable enough to maintain picture quality, which are really easy for even any amateur to use. This technology is as well recognized as Chroma Key and it is mostly the professional photographers and film industry by whom the technique is brought into use. No wonder many trick photography moments have been possible only due to such utilities available in the market.

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