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So, you decided to learn how to crochet. Well, one article can not teach you all there is to know about crochet but it can point you in the right direction. This article will get you off in the right direction. Once you have read this article and you still want to learn more about crochet there will be two resources for you.

Crochet is the act of using interlocking loops of yarn to make fabrics. Then you can take those fabrics and make anything you can dream of. There is an endless amount of yarn and thread that you may use and nearly as many hooks to use too. Crochet is basically making loops from yarn but if does require some skill to get it right. And don’t forget to pick the right kind of yarn or hook for the pattern. If you are not careful then you may have a mess on your hands and it could discourage you from continuing with crochet.

The biggest part of learning crochet is to know that you need to pick a project that is within your skill level and have very good instructions. This will make your whole life easier and shorten the time to learning crochet. The reason why you want to pick a pattern that is easy is because there is a lot that goes into selecting the correct yarn and hook size. Not to mention the correct way of doing the stitches that the pattern requires. Imagine if you started a project and then it gets so frustrating that you give up on learning crochet.

Because the instructions are important, it is important to learn the basic terms of crochet. Most crochet instructions are in shorthand and one little letter can change the meaning of the instruction. The single crochet is abbreviated “SC” and the double crochet is abbreviated “DC”. If you do not know all of the abbreviations of crochet you may want to study them before you start your first project.

Some people often wonder, what is the difference between crochet and knitting is? But it is quite simple; Knitting uses two needles and crocheting only uses one. The reason for this is because someone who crochets has only one active stitch on their hook while a knitter has a whole row of active stitches. So if you have a dropped stitch in knitting it can ruin your whole project, in crocheting, it hardly matters at all.

Naturally, there is a lot more to crocheting. If you are interested in finding more information on crochet, then check out our Beginning Crochet Guide. You can also check out this page for a free 5 day course of crochet. http://www.crochetista.com