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It can not be disputed that the golf swing is as personnel and individualistic as you are. We each impart some nuance into our swings due to our own body styles and/or golf habits we’ve done for many years, some times without even knowing we do. 

Watching the pro’s swing we see solid foundations with their lower bodies; good rotations from the shoulders and hips; quality hand/impact timing at the golf ball; and near perfect finish positions.  Most amateurs may only incorporate one of these features into their swings. If their particular ball flight is left or right of center, then quality hand/impact timing is not one of them. 

If you are wanting to incorporate a quality golf habit into your golf swing for consistency, you need to find your personnel body rhythm. This rhythm is defined by everything you do on a subconscious level daily. In your normal relaxed state, your body rhythm is there.  

Your activities are run by this rhythm; walking, talking, eating and thinking. Some individuals move quickly, others much slower and the balance of people are somewhere in between.  

So how would you know what your rhythm is, if this concept is new to you? 

Let’s take a look at an easy way to determine this. At some point in the near future you will be walking somewhere and won’t be consciously aware of this rhythm. Maybe your mind will reflect back to this article and you will become consciously aware. When this occurs or you realize the time is right to find your body rhythm, count to four (4), one (1) for each step you are taking and repeat. A rhythmic cadence will become apparent.  

This is your body rhythm and you will want to find a word, phrase, song, or some clue element that you can reference to for future recall. Once you know this rhythm and know the cadence sequence, get to the practice range or putting green. Utilizing this rhythmic cadence, incorporate your full golf swing or putting stroke sequence into the cadence. 

By implementing your cadence into each practice session and aligning your golf swing with it, you will improve your golf swing. The timing for each position throughout the swing will be correct for your own body type; improving your golf swing, your putting stroke, and implementing a good golfing habit into your game. 

This rhythm factor improves your timing because you are aligning your activity, the golf swing, with your own true body rhythm. Synchronizing your own personnel body rhythm to any activity you do requires less energy to complete and the activity is then the most proficient use of your talents. 

Reality dictates that consistency comes from aligning our personnel body rhythm with our golf swing. You can not improve as a golfer if you are fighting this, trying to swing too fast when your rhythm is slower only causes hooks; trying to swing too slow when your rhythm is fast causes slices. 

I believe that if you make the conscious effort to determine your personnel body rhythm and then incorporate this into your golf swing and putting stroke, you will improve your golf game. If nothing else, you will find more consistency in your golf swing. And all of us golfers look for consistency, even though we believe the consistency we think we are searching for is in score. 

Give this a conscious effort. Find your rhythm and match your golf swing and putting stroke to that rhythm. You may find that next $ 5.00 Nassau game going your way.

A passion can be define but never explained,