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The time to use a pitch shot is when there is absolutely no way to put your ball onto the putting surface with a well-struck chip. This golf pitching tips article guides you to when you should use the pitch shot.

You should use a pitch if you have some obstacle or hazard that is sitting between your golf ball and the green. In addition, you should pitch when the pin is positioned very close to the edge of the green, leaving you no room for the ball to roll. Pitching requires you to use a longer swing with a lot more wrist action. Usually played with wedges, pitch shots are higher and longer chips.

Moreover, use a pitch when your golf ball lies in deep rough requiring a longer and more forceful swing to get up and out. If hit properly, the pitch shot will spin enough to stop promptly, getting it close to the hole.

If for instance, you tried to hit a chip shot over a bunker, the golf ball would go in the sand missing the green entirely. Also, if you tried to hit a chip shot from the rough 9 feet out from the green to a hole located 3 feet from the fringe, the ball would probably just roll by the pin and leave you with a long putt. The pitch helps you to avoid obstacles, escape the rough, and stop the ball quickly as close to the flagstick as possible.

Perfecting the pitch

Pitches are tougher to master than chips, which is one rationale for choosing a chip over a pitch if at all possible. Because the swing is longer, pitches are difficult perfect. The shot requires a tremendous amount of feel wherein a chip is a more mechanical swing. With the long partial swing, many golfers decelerate on the downswing, causing poor contact with the ball and a bad outcome.

Controlling Spin

Pitch shots are useful when your ball is lying 30 to 60 yards short of the green. The distance suggests you cannot take a full swing with any golf club which makes a pitch shot necessary. This shorter finesse shot with a half swing will pass less spin on the ball than it would if you shot it 85 or 95 yards. The reason being is that the club-head speed is a lot slower.

The Escape Shot

When struck properly, the pitch is a fun and effective shot to have in your repertoire. The shot can help you out of awful situations, for the most part when water hazards or sand stand between your ball and the green. Furthermore, it can get you up for a good scoring attempt by softly dropping your ball onto the green from 20 to 60 yards out.

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