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There are several kinds of iron shafts, but they can be mainly divided into two kinds, the steel shaft and graphite shaft.

Graphite shaft

Graphite shaft is light weight, good flexibility, and good shock absorption. When the ball is not solid, hands will not be too painful. Graphite golf shaft with a lot of factory production capacity, the choice is also varied. Products sold in the market are mostly supporting the carbon shaft 5X grams of weight. If the performance requires the need for additional high-performance replacement products as an independent company, then the golf club is great. Now a lot of golfers have a concept, “good people can choose to play steel shaft ping v2 irons, while the level of graphite shaft should be chosen in general”, this idea is not entirely correct. If a beginner has a good physical fitness, then he should choose steel body, and enjoy the steel body to bring stability. If a master of the slow swing, you should choose light steel shaft, or a better performance of the independent manufacturers’ graphite shaft. If the wrist has been hurt or injured golfers, regardless of the level of how the carbon shaft should be selected in order to protect his own body, to extend his golf career.

Steel Shaft

Steel shaft is the Synonymous of stability. Low take-off trajectory, good control and torque is extremely small, so it is not only the choice for professional golf players, but also the choice of many golf masters. There are two major factions’ steel shaft clubs, Japanese and U.S., respectively, in Japan and the United States TRUE TEMPER NSPRO company. Japanese lightweight line of products goes, there are common 75, 85, 95 grams of weight. U.S. Department of products take the traditional route, the product weight is 125 grams of basic; True Temper Company believes that its products torque is small enough to be negligible, so never made its products the torque value. Third party claims, there are two, one is 1.6, a 1.2, than the Japanese to be more stable. Although the Department of Japanese products to product stability Biome worse, but the benefit is provided to 75 grams lighter steel body, this weight can even replace a lot of carbon products. The pursuit of stability, but do not want to reduce the swing speed of people preferred NSPRO 75 grams of 750 steel body.

World-renowned golf club designer TOM WISHON has done a test, the shaft 30 grams of weight will be increased significantly reduce a person’s swing speed. So if you are not very sensitive to the distance, then he should use the steel body or lightweight steel shafts for optimum stability.

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