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Many average golfers devote time to improving their driving and their long irons, but pay little attention to their short game. Sure it’s nice to see the ball sailing down the fairway, but what happens when you get close to the green and need to chip on? How many times do you waste a shot with a bad chip that doesn’t reach the green? Or, your chip shot ends up too short or too long, leaving you with a difficult put?

If you take the time to analyse your game, you will probably find that you could reduce your score by 5 or 6 shots per round if you could chip more consistently. Have a think about your last few rounds. Where did your chip shots finish? How long was your put, and did you make it? See what I mean?

Now that we agree that your chipping needs to improve, how do we do it?
Well, here are 5 Great Tips To Improve Your Chipping. Practice these tips and your game will gradually improve:

Tip 1

Imagine that you are tossing the ball under arm onto the green. Imagine your club as an extension of your arm. This will help you improve your feel and distance control.

Tip 2

Keep your head down through the shot. If you lift your head, chances are you will hit the ball in the centre, causing it to race through the green, or cause you to shank the ball.

Tip 3

Keep your arms rigid. Don’t break your wrists. Imagine your arms and hands are like a pendulum, moving in one smooth repetitive motion.

Tip 4

Take a slow, slow back swing, and then follow through with your club head pointing towards your target. This will ensure accuracy.

Tip 5

These tips have helped me, and if you practice them, I’m sure they will also help you to improve your game.

Happy Golfing

Picture where you want the ball to land. Imagine the ball coming off the face of your club, and landing exactly where you intended it to land.

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