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To become a consistently good golfer, one must not only understand the “how to” of golf fundamentals like the full swing and short game, but must also develop the correct “feel” of a properly hit golf shot, chip shot or putt. To ingrain feeling into your golf swing, you should try incorporating the use of golf training aids into your golf practice routine.

Golf training aids truly help you to develop “feeling” quicker for the desired golf swing movements. What is critical is that you use golf training aids correctly to achieve maximum benefit without instilling bad golf fundamentals into your swing.

To choose the proper golf training aids, work with your teaching pro and get his or her advice on the best golf training aids for your needs. Given golf’s complexity, the more simple the golf training aid the better.  Be aware that there are far more golf training aids that provide little use than those that can truly help your game.

To help you choose the right golf training aids for your needs, below is a golf training aid selection checklist.  Working with your teaching pro, use this golf training aid checklist to help identify the right golf training aids for your needs.

Golf Training Aid Checklist

1. Understand your most critical golf game problem areas: Identify what problem areas are most affecting your golf game. Is it the full swing, short game or putting? Are you just getting started and need help with proper grip position or weight transfer fundamentals?

2. Prioritize your problem areas: When working on their golf swing, many golfers try to solve too many problem areas at the same time.  This is a mistake as you will likely confuse yourself.  Instead, it is best to work on only one or at most two problem areas at a time.  Often you will find that if you fix one problem area, you will also resolve other problem areas.

3. Research “organic” ways to address the problem area: Before investing money into golf training aids, check out golf practice drills that can address the problem area that you can simply do with your clubs.

4. If you decide that a golf training aid is the answer, do some quick internet research and read the reviews of the golf training aids you are evaluating.  Also, talk to your teaching Pro and see if he or she is familiar with the golf training aid you are considering or would recommend an alternative golf training aid.

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