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When it comes to learning the golf swing, golfers should not be in such a hurry. They should just slow down. That is the secret behind the Slow Motion Golf Swing, an ingenious method of adding distance and accuracy to your golf swing.

Practicing in slow motion is a proven technique that beginners, and even accomplished professionals, have been using for a long time in many different fields. Take musicians for instance. When a guitar player wants to learn a difficult new song, he or she does not rush through the piece at high speed the first time. They practice slowly and carefully and at a pace that allows them to learn their way through the music.

When they use the Slow Motion Golf Swing, golfers put the same principle into their practice. By swinging slowly and carefully they can actually learn much quicker than if they were to just whack away at the ball at break-neck speed.

Slow motion learning speeds up learning for a number of reasons. It increases your awareness of what you are actually doing during the swing. It enhances feel and a sense of connection with the golf club. It develops a highly tuned sense of rhythm. In addition, it grooves the correct swing motion into your brain and nervous system, thereby improving your “muscle memory.”

All of these benefits serve to make your time at the practice range much more productive. Remember that practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.

Learning the golf swing is one of the most difficult things to learn in sports. Every year golfers spend millions of dollars on golf lessons in the hopes of finding out why their golf swing does not work. The Slow Motion Golf promises to turn every golfer who uses it into his or her own private golf pro.

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