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One of the most vital aspects of golf is the iron game, because of the link between the driver and the putter. Putting may be the easiest way to lower your scores, but how to to improve your scores drastically? For my experience, I find that hitting more greens in regulation is a good solution for you. There are 3 golf iron tips that you can take to the course and start playing better golf right away.

1. The first thing that I want to share with you is exactly how irons work, and how to use the design to your advantage. Of course different irons have different lofts, but most people do not realize that trying to help the ball in the air will actually not help you at all. This is because when you strike a golf ball with a descending blow with an iron, the ball spins up the face causing it to go higher. This is what you want; a descending blow instead of hitting up on the golf ball.

2. The second aspect is to make sure that you have the correct ball position. Typically your driver should be even with your left heel, which means the five irons should be about 2 inches behind that. you move the ball accordingly for each iron, with the 9 iron being in about the middle of the stance.

3. The third thing that you need to do is focus on your tempo. This is really true with all clubs, but important with irons because most irons are steel shafts, and thus we try to hit them harder but one of the best golf iron tips I have heard is to swing smooth and keep your head on the ball.

These golf iron tips should help your game, and if you do what I did, which is find a great guide to learning a simple golf swing, you will improve very fast and shoot much better scores.

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